Worldwide Markets

L.B. Foster services international markets with protective coatings for pipe, risers, fittings, fabricated steel and vessels. Oil & Gas Pipelines
Petrochemical / Refineries Water / Waste Water Offshore (deep water)

ball winch Projects

Dow Chemical - Propane Dehydrogenation Facility, Oyster Creek, Texas Project: FBE coating of 54” x .500”wall thick- ness pipe. With only a few days notice, L.B. Foster’s BALL WINCH unit designed and built a 54” OD diameter coating machine to apply FBE to this unusually large diameter pipe.

Anadarko - Independence Hub & Q1 Projects: 1000FT FBE & TLPE coating of J-Lay collars for Heerema Marine Contractors

Enterprise Products - Shenzi Project Riser Touch Down Zone: 1000FT 16” x 1” WT TRIPLUS PE Chevron – Tahiti Project: FBE coating of J-Lay collars for J. Ray McDermott

Shell – Diemos Project: FBE coating of J-Lay collars and fabricated subsea spool pieces